Spring (Home) Cleaning

February 22, 2008

I know it’s only February, but during the cold winter months, it seems like Spring can’t come fast enough. My favorite home decor magazines obviously agree, because the upcoming season has been a hot topic in this month’s books. 

If you don’t know of it, I strongly recommend Britain’s Living Etc.–it’s a lovely take on modern interior design with a dash of whimsy. One of their current features, Get Your Home Ready for Spring, already has me thinking about what I can do at home to escape the winter doldrums. 
An easy trick they suggest for bringing some cheer to your abode? Adding colorful mix-and-match glassware to your daily routine. I think most people get a little too caught up in using full sets of china and glassware. Why not make it interesting? Think along the lines of those great little jewel tone Moroccan glasses–isn’t it both cheery and beautiful seeing the array of colors together?
Try these selections to get a little Springtime lift at your next dinner party, or even sitting down to a simple breakfast for one:
Mingle Turquoise Crystal Tumblers. This set of handblown glasses made in Sweden are perfectly imperfect. 
Orrefors Mingle Lime Small, Medium, Large Bowls. These in fact match perfectly with the Chartreuse trend going on in fashion right now. 
Laure Japy Blue Sapphire Water & Juice Crystal Jug. I think this lovely pitcher would make even tap water seem like a special occasion. 
Image courtesy Living Etc. 
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