Baby Baubles

March 16, 2008

So many of my friends have recently had babies, and while it’s always fun to shop for teeny tiny clothes, what about giving Mom something to celebrate with as well? The gift of jewelry or accessories for new mothers is a staple in many cultures, and I think it’s a fitting to get a little spoiled after spending nine months dealing with the ups and downs of pregnancy. 
Here’s a few suggestions of perfect post-pregnancy gifts:
1. Tanzanite. This bluish-purple stone mined only in Tanzania is traditionally given by Maasai chiefs to their wives upon the birth of a child. It is said to ensure a positive and prosperous life, and in Maasai culture, the color blue is sacred and spiritual. Go for simple studs that can’t be tugged by little bitty fingers, like this great pair from Chris Correia set in brushed platinum and surrounded by diamonds. 
2. Cartier Love Bracelet. What could be a better symbol of the new love of her life than this bracelet? The classic style is locked in place with a screwdriver, showing the bond between a family. 
3. A stylish tote. Sometimes new moms just want a little glamour injected into their lives. They’ll need space to throw in blankets, toys and bottles, but not every accessory needs to scream baby. I love this patent leather version by Chloe–it’s beautiful to look at, but still wipeable when an unexpected spill occurs. 
Images via People magazine
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