Scarves for all Seasons

March 27, 2008

Right now Portero is featuring scarves in Best Values, and I couldn’t be more excited to discuss the merits of these square pieces of fabric. I have a large collection of scarves, some fancy and some that I chose on the cheap merely for the color or pattern. What I love most about scarves is their functionality–they can be used so many different ways and on so many different occasions. 

For example, take Nicole Richie above. Walking around in Los Angeles yesterday, she uses a an extra-large folded scarf used as a headband. This faux-hippie look might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny that scarves make great hair accessories. I always bring a set to wear when I’m at the beach; scarves not only keep your hair out of your face on windy days, but they also protect your scalp from the evils of the sun. 
Another great use? Artwork. Many brands make such beautiful designs that it’s a shame to store them in a drawer. Ironed completely flat and mounted and framed, your favorite scarf becomes a piece of home decor. 
A final great way to show off your scarf collection is on your handbag. Some bags come with pre-made holes to slide a scarf through, but others can benefit from knotting one around the handle. It can take a neutral, everyday purse from bland to one-of-a-kind. Click right here to see Portero’s great selection of Best Value scarves, or go straight to my faves:
Emilio Pucci Signature Scarf. This purple, yellow, black and white version is perfectly on trend for spring, and would be just the thing to accessorize a basic black bathing suit come summer. 
Gucci Horsebit purple and red scarf. According to Domino magazine, the equestrian look is all the rage right now. This scarf, although trendy for the moment, will also stand the test of time. 
Hermes dark green and gold Voitures Paniers scarf. Here’s a perfect example of one to frame. I love the wicker design and the detail on the horse drawn carriages. This would be lovely in an entryway. 
Image above by Shinn/
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