Friday Eye Candy: Anna Ruth Henriques

May 9, 2008

Since it’s a rainy Friday here in NYC, I thought I’d bring you something really beautiful that lifted my spirits on this dreary day. Jamaican designer Anna Ruth Henriques is an artist in every sense of the word–besides designs of the bejeweled variety, she is also a successful author, painter and videographer. These extremely nature-inspired pieces reflect her upbringing in the wilds of the Jamaican countryside, and I love their deft organic touch. All of the pieces here are in 18-karat gold with gemstone accents (and an emphasis on rock crystal). 

I’ll be meeting with Henriques in person at the upcoming Las Vegas jewelry shows, so I’ll be sure to bring you a complete rundown. To see more of her work, click right here to view her website. Enjoy!

Images via Studio PR and Anna Ruth Henriques
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