The Real Deal

May 14, 2008

When you purchase a watch from Portero, you thankfully know that you’re getting something that’s 100% guaranteed authentic. Every single piece is verified through Tourneau and even comes with a one-year limited warranty. But, as I’m sure you’re aware, there’s a huge market for fakes out there, and some manufacturers have become so adept at recreating high-end timepieces that the differences are hardly noticeable, even to experts. 

It’s actually very of interesting to look at this vast market and find out just how experts spot the fakes from the real deal. There are entire books, like the Replica Watch Report, pictured above, that tackle this subject, and tons of blogs and websites track new models and how to decide on their authenticity. 
Just to give you an idea of how intricate the detailing on high-end watches is, here are some ways to spot fake Rolexes and Breitlings, two of the hottest fakes on the black market today. 
Five Ways to Identify a Real Rolex:
1. Rolex has never made a watch with rubber. If you see even a little bit, move on. 
2. Rolex has never made a watch with a see-through case, so if the back is clear and you can see the movement, it’s not real. 
3. Only men’s full-size Rolexes have the day and date feature. 
4. Gold plating is not an option. Look for stamps for either 14-karat or 18-karat gold. 
5. Every Rolex made after 2002 comes complete with a micro-etched crystal. Right below 6 o’clock, the brand’s logo is etched directly into the crystal. It’s not always easy to see with the naked eye, but it’s easily identified under magnification. 
Five Ways to Identify a Real Breitling:
1. If the model has an applied logo on the dial, it should be thick, substantial, and “filled-in”. Fake wing logos often have negative space between the ‘B’ and the wings. 
2. Breitlings never have calendar functions on the subdials–always chronograph functions. 
3. Check for laser engravings, not stamps, on the back of the case. This will give the print a much more refined look. 
4. There are manufacturer engravings on the underside of the links on Breitling’s metal watch bands. 
5. Fakes usually don’t have the signature anti-reflective coating on the crystal, which gives it a bluish tint. 
For an excellent visual comparison of two Breitling models (and to see just how good some of these fakes in fact are), click right here. And don’t forget to start shopping our Highly Collectible Watch event right here–there are some fantastic models that you won’t want to miss. All, without a doubt, totally real. 
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