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Superhero Chic

May 5, 2008

Reading through The New York Times this weekend, I found this great piece on the rise of the superhero as fashion icon. Maybe it’s because these beloved characters earn big bucks at the theaters (see Iron Man‘s $100 million weekend), or maybe it’s because the Costume Institute’s spring exhibition (just opened today) is called “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy”. 

Either way, I like it. I was a huge fan of Wonder Woman as a little kid, and spent a memorable Halloween in the red, white and blue costume. And who can forget her great yellow gold cuff bracelets? Superhero accents are all about the big, bold and dramatic, and are as fun to wear as they are to look at. 
If you’d like to join the superhero revolution, try on these great accessories for size:
Robert Lee Morris Alpha Sterling Silver Cuff. Oversized but still sculptural, this cuff could deflect rays from an enemy or just dress up an outfit. Either way, you win. 
Tito Pedrini Onyx and Sterling Amanda ring. The graphic placement of the glossy black cabochon onyx gives this ring the look of a superhero’s insignia. 
Versace Cherry Red Hit Tote. The hexagonal shape of this bag can double as a shield, and the glossy red shade is not for the weak of will. And for me, something about patent leather just feels superhero-ish. No?