Blinded by the White

June 17, 2008

So it’s summer, which means it’s really no surprise that celebrities are wearing white in full force around town. Above, at the Paris premiere for new movie Hancock, Charlize Theron strikes a pose in a deep v-cut, full skirt dress with simple bow detail on the waist. Below, we have Heidi Klum in NYC heading to the 67th Annual Peabody Awards to pick up a trophy for Project Runway. Her form-fitting dress is a little bit ‘nurse of the future’, but I in fact love the severe lines and silhouette of her ensemble.

What’s nice is that with these two outfits, we get to see different ways to accessorize this very stark white. Charlize chose to go with colorful, patterned details like leopard print platforms with a green jewel and a bright green clutch, also with jeweled accents. Heidi, on the other hand, kept with the rigidity of the dress and chose black geometric platforms and a rectangular black clutch. Both went simple on jewelry and went with simple drop earrings that recall the color of the bag. 
Want to steal either look? Here’s just one example of the way to do it with Portero merchandise.
Devi Kroell Teal Jeweled clutch. This bright color is the perfect foil for bright white, and the jewels will give you the same look. 
Lauren K aquamarine and diamond drop earrings. That bit of blue in both the earring and clutch really makes the outfit pop. 
Lambertson Truex black leather clutch. The lines of this ultra modern bag really mimic the geometric feel of Heidi’s dress. 
Laura Munder 18-karat blackened yellow gold and diamond earrings. The Deco feel of these drops really work with the overall look, and the blackened 18-karat yellow gold reinforces the absence of color. 
Images via JustJared
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