The Chanel Homestretch…

June 30, 2008

Right now we’re highlighting the wide range of luxe materials used to create the selection of Chanel bags featured in our special event. I love the variety: Croc, Patent leather, Metallics, Lizard, vinyl, Caviar leather…all put together in a deliberately slow manufacturing process that naturally limits production and supply. I think it’s particularly noteworthy that Chanel now makes its classic bag, the 2.55 (pictured above), in nearly all of these materials. This single flap handbag, introduced in February 1955, features the famous quilted pattern and chain strap. 
I did a little digging and found some further backstory about the iconic 2.55, and where some of the details in the bag originated. Here’s the scoop:
–The lining’s original brown color was taken from the uniform color worn at the convent where Coco Chanel was raised. 
–The first generation 2.55 features a small flap on the outside back of the bag. This was a hiding place for her extra cash. 
–On the inside of the front flap, a zippered compartment exists. Apparently, this was created to stash letters from Chanel’s lover at the time. 
–The now iconic shoulder strap was another detail taken from the convent orphanage where the designer grew up. Legend has it that the keychains carried by the caretakers were made up of the same type of chains on the bags. 
I think it’s even more exciting to own things that have a special provenance. To view our selection of bags by material, click on each of these groupings:
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