Caveat Emptor

July 15, 2008

Ah, those three little words. Don’t they make you feel great? I’m not talking about ‘I love you,’ but something even better in the world of online shopping: Buyer’s Protection Plan. In the light of recent developments in the world of consumer protection, Portero’s Promise to our customers becomes even more important.
So let’s backtrack a bit. Maybe you’ve heard about the lawsuit brought by Tiffany & Co. against eBay? Basically, Tiffany & Co. sued eBay, accusing the auction site of not doing enough to stop sales of counterfeit items. A victory would have been bad for the site and the sellers, but a win for the consumer who would be protected. In the verdict by Judge Richard Sullivan, handed down just a few hours ago, the law sided with eBay. According to Sullivan: “Tiffany must ultimately bear the burden of protecting its trademark.”
What this all boils down to is less protection for the end consumer, who can never be sure if something he or she is buying on eBay is real or fake. That’s where Portero comes in. Our promise from the start was to offer just such a protection by authenticating every piece of merchandise on our site. That means that we take care of the hard part for you. And if, by chance, something slips through the cracks, we offer a 100% refund of the purchase price plus any shipping or insurance costs you might have incurred.
So now that you can breathe a sigh of relief, let’s get down to shopping. This week’s Portero homepage reflects our biggest selling jewelry brands, with the embattled Tiffany & Co. leading the pack. Other featured designers include Bvlgari, Cartier, Chopard and Gurhan. No matter which piece strikes your fancy, you can shop easy knowing that each and every bracelet, earring, ring and necklace is authentic.
Need a little more justification? How about free shipping. All purchases over $1,000 will show up at your door with no extra fees attached–just place your order before Wednesday at 11:59PM ET.
To read up on all the specifics of Portero’s authenticating and protection programs, click below:
Portero’s Promise
Buyer’s Protection Plan
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