Full Disclosure

July 16, 2008

Although most of our time is spent gathering and authenticating our huge selection of luxury goods for auction, occasionally we like to take a few minutes to check on Portero’s reputation out in the world. While customer feedback is our number on priority, it’s always helpful to read press from our peers as well. That’s why we’ve created an entire page dedicated to Portero in the news.

Sometimes you don’t want to take our word for it, so click right here to see articles from the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Women’s Wear Daily and Style.com, among many others. 
Mostly, these articles are praising our authenticated luxury merchandise, as outlined in our Buyer’s Protection Plan and Portero’s Promise. This is something you won’t find on eBay, and it’s in fact the reason Portero was created in the first place–to devise a site where consumers don’t have to take on the burden of proof themselves. 
As just another way to give our members full disclosure, we have also added a Glossary page to the site. Click right here to clear up any misconceptions you might have about the auction process, or just to gain a better understanding of the way we do business. 
And don’t forget, free shipping on orders over $1,000 ends at 11:59PM ET tonight!
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