Blinged-Out Buying

August 19, 2008

Isn’t it funny how quickly a trend can turn into a fad and then retreat? Even more amazing is how quickly these trends can once again become fashionable. Enter auction house Phillips de Pury, who has decided that ‘bling’ is back. On October 1, they’ll auction off a selection of 50 pieces of contemporary jewelry at “Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels“. 
Not just any diamond-encrusted baubles, these were owned and worn by hip hop and rap’s most prominent stars. From Missy Elliott to P. Diddy, and Slick Rick to Tupac Shakur, these are custom-made pieces that define an era of excess and ostentation. Who wouldn’t need a cassette tape pendant (above) covered in diamonds?  
The ring above was owned by Tupac Shakur, and is one of the most important pieces up for auction. The ruby, diamond and gold crown ring is engraved “Pac & Dada 1996”, a private message that refers to Shakur’s relationship with Kidada Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones. 
Although the auction is novel on its own, even better is that a portion of sales will go to Russell Simmons’ nonprofit organizations, one of which is the Diamond Empowerment Fund
If you want to check out the bling for yourself, the public preview will be at in New York at Phillips de Pury from September 22 to September 30, 2008. 
If you’re looking for your own form of flash, check out these bold jewels that feature stunning diamonds (but won’t ever go out of style):
JewelMak EGL Certified 4 carat diamond and emerald engagement ring. If you’re looking for a little color with your marriage proposal, look no further than this opulent stunner. 
Oscar Heyman 10.54 carat emerald-cut diamond studs. These are a staple in the hip hop world, but look good in any setting. 
Andy Gotz diamond and yellow gold chain bracelet. Featuring 17.50 carats of diamonds, this bracelet says edgy and sophisticated at the same time. 
Images via Phillips de Pury
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