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Beach-Worthy Bags

August 11, 2008

Talk about practical: The current Portero Specials are all about chic totes that are perfect for the summer months. From durable, classic beauties like the Michael Kors woven corn husk and leather tote (above) to this great canvas striped Antigua Louis Vuitton number (below), there are a lot of bags to choose from that will never go out of style. 
Best of all, many of the bags are all sitting at bids at under $500. The Kors, above, is currently at $350 and the Vuitton is at $445. Certainly a great deal for brands with staying power. 
If you love the look of a white bag but are worried about the upkeep, consider going for Patent Leather. Although it can scratch, it can easily be wiped off in case of a spill. I personally love this Yves Saint Laurent Capri sac. The slouchy shape gives it a bohemian edge, but the patent dresses it up for day or night. 

Thumbs up from Vogue!

August 7, 2008

Portero made the list of Men’s Vogue must-click websites (see below), and we’re currently sitting pretty as the first on the list. Click right here to check out the full slideshow, and read why they think Portero is perfect for their readers. 
Images via Men’s Vogue

Best of Vintage

August 6, 2008

This week’s homepage theme is definitely one that is near and dear to my heart: Vintage. I honestly love pieces with a bit of history, and it’s amazing when you realize just how cyclical fashion really is. My favorite pieces of vintage fashion are actually inherited from family: I have a round gold monogrammed brooch from my Grandmother on my Mom’s side, and a beautiful long black wool coat with a fur collar from my Grandmother on my Father’s side. 
One celebrity who really understands the value of Vintage is Mary-Kate Olsen, seen in these three recent pictures doing press for her new movie “The Wackness“. Here is a young woman with tons of money to spend on brand new clothes, yet she goes for time-worn treasures over and over again. Above, Olsen chose a vintage Halston for her appearance on Late Night with David Letterman–she wisely pairs the oversized sleeve with a short skirt. 
Now at the movie’s premiere, above, she dons vintage Lanvin in a kimono-style. I often think that Mary-Kate chooses pieces that are a little overwhelming for her petite figure, but at least she knows what she likes and goes for it with gusto. 

Lastly, at the movie’s after party, she pairs a vintage Pucci with the same bold bracelet as above. If I had to take a guess, I would assume that it’s from the new line of jewelry she and her sister are doing with Robert Lee Morris (for their Elizabeth and James fashion line). 
I honestly think that vintage is a state of mind. It’s the knowledge that you’re wearing something that has a history and a story. Isn’t it amazing to think who might have worn your watch, jewelry, or carried your bag; and where they went?  
Click here for Vintage Jewelry
Click here for Vintage Watches
Click here for Vintage Handbags
Images via JustJared

D-Flawless Design

August 5, 2008

As the writer of a book called “A Girl’s Guide to Buying Diamonds” I’m always on the lookout for fun home accessories that reflect my industry. Obviously, I couldn’t help but point you to these new items from decor retailer Chiasso. Above, we have mini glass diamonds placed into a vase for a dramatic flower arrangement. The website also suggests scattering them around the table at your next dinner party.
Above, Chiasso’s glass “diamond sculptures”, that would be perfect as a paperweight or just as a decorative accessory. Made of faceted glass, measuring 4.75″ and only $28, this would be a great hostess gift. 
If you’d rather wear your diamonds, how about a pair of simple drops that will never go out of style? Here are my shopping suggestions:
Ron Hami Diamond X Drop Earrings. The matchstick shape and contemporary lines are classic. 
Pave Diamond Teardrop Earrings. Simple and understated, but with just the right amount of sparkle. 
Charles Krypell Baguette Diamond Loop Earrings. I love the retro feel of these beauties–they signal a time when women really got dressed up to go out. 
Images via Chiasso

The Selby

August 4, 2008

Lest you think I have forgotten that Portero sells an amazing selection of home goods, I want to point you towards a site that may give you some added inspiration for your personal decor. While our Fine Housewares section does include a lot of dish and glassware, there are also objects ranging from sculptures to vases to decorative pottery. 
If you are looking for inspiration, head directly to The Selby, my favorite new place to go for images of one-of-a-kind homes. Masterminded by Todd Selby, the simple site leads to a variety of subjects, ranging from designers like Brooklyn-based Ryan Korban, above, to Los Angeles- and New York-based models and artists. Clicking on the links will lead you to beautiful glimpses inside each person’s abode. 
Korban, above, shows us how to deftly combine a traditional blue and white vase with a modern horse figurine and a lamp that says Hollywood Regency. Here are some great Fine Housewares that might look great in your own space:
Steuben Ovoid Crystal Candlestick holders. I love the squat, round shape of these–they would fit in well with so many decors. 
Herend Baby Chick Porcelain figurine. This would look perfect perched on a mantle or on a high shelf in a child’s room. 
Venini Onde Glass plate. A chic as a catchall for your keys in the entryway. 
Image by Todd Selby

Friday Eye Candy: Autore

August 1, 2008

There’s nothing better than a Friday, and as a bonus, I’m offering up some gorgeous Friday Eye Candy. I absolutely love these new pieces from Autore–the modern combination of multi-colored baroque pearls and beautiful blue and green gemstones makes pearls seem totally au courant.

Here’s a little information about Autore: Founded in 1991, the company uses South Sea pearls from Western Australia and the coast of Indonesia. Autore is very fashion forward and often dresses celebrities, and has worked with designers ranging from Alexander McQueen to Colette Dinnigan to Richard Tyler.

Portero has a huge selection of pearl and mother-of-pearl jewelry. Click right here to see everything from bracelets to earrings to watches. I’m definitely fond of the colored gemstone and pearl combination. Here are a few I suggest taking a closer look at:

JewelMak Green Quartz, Rose Amethyst and Pearl Diamond Bracelet. Although this bracelet shares the green and purple color palette with Autore’s above, the clean lines make this a minimalist’s dream.

Gurhan Blue Topaz, Green Sapphire, Labradorite, and Keshi Pearl Confetti Earrings. Sweet and feminine, the movement on these drops will have good sparkle.

Mauboussin Diamond, Lemon Quartz and Tahitian Pearl Earrings. So regal even without being overly bold in scale.

Images courtesy Autore