Home is where the Art is

September 17, 2008

I’m really thrilled to announce that Portero is relaunching the Art section of the site, complete with a huge selection of new pieces. It’s really no surprise I’m such a fan of art: My father was an art major, and several of his paintings hang in my apartment. My father-in-law is also a talented artist (one of his many hobbies), and his work graces nearly every room of their house in Los Angeles. 
Just like I adore accessories, I need art in my life for the same reason. It dresses up a room and really brings it to life. Everyone has their unique preferences for artwork. I, personally, love the work of Mel Ramos (above). His pin-up pop art uses saturated colors and has a fantastic sense of humor, which probably reflects a bit about my quirky style. 
Surprisingly, it can be easy to gift loved ones artwork. As an example, if I was buying for my fiance, I would probably go for this signed Alan Herr photograph of Jimi Hendrix in concert. He’s a musician and a photographer, so this live action shot of the star on stage would be a perfect pick. 
If I was purchasing for my parents, I would head straight to this signed Charles Levier watercolor painting. The artwork already hanging in their house often uses a similar palette of rich, bright colors like turquoises and oranges. They also often gravitate towards images of people, but not in a overly realistic style. 
Click right here to browse our newly robust Art category and see if you can’t just pick out what your friends and family would love to hang in their homes. 
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