EMMY Sparkle

September 22, 2008

So, I sat through the Emmys last night in the name of fashion. Although I was thrilled to see two of my favorite shows, Mad Men and 30 Rock, win in their respective categories, I was really there to report on the red carpet. I’m going to start today with a big jewelry trend: blackened metal. America Ferrera pulled it off beautifully, above, with a suite from Fred Leighton that included a gorgeous 19th-century flower necklace.
I adored Brooke Sheilds‘ choice of dress color, and she also chose Fred Leighton to accessorize. She wore a 19th Century diamond bow brooch on her waistline (a favorite trick of mine), and went bold with old-mine cut diamond leaf and vine earrings.
Heidi Klum also went bold, but decided to use a modern design. Her enormous blackened platinum and diamond and lavender jade butterfly earrings by Lorraine Schwartz certainly made a red carpet statement.
Interestingly, blackened metal can take on two entirely different looks: very antique or edgy and modern. Click right here to see a selection of jewels on Portero that incorporate blackened metal.
I am personally taken with these little Chopard Happy Diamond emerald stud earrings–I love how the black metal makes the bright green stand out so much. Certainly a modern twist on a pair of everyday studs.
Images courtesy the Diamond Information Center
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