Lipstick Jungle/Chanel Sweepstakes!

October 14, 2008

After giving away a fabulous Mikimoto necklace in the last sweepstakes, we’re back again, and this time we’re bringing handbags! The newest giveaway items is a gorgeous Chanel Special Edition 2.55 Reissue Dark Silver Classic Double Flap Bag, and all you have to do to win is enter now through November 13.

Besides being a timeless bag, you’ll also have the added bonus of seeing it on NBC’s Lipstick Jungle on October 29. The show, starring Brooke Shields, follows around three thirty-somethings as they navigate careers, romance and families in New York City. Watch closely and you’ll catch the purse on the arm of one of the leading ladies.

Click here to enter. I am totally smitten with this bag. The 2.55 is a classic, and the dark silver makes it totally modern.

You can also click right here to see our huge selection of authentic Chanel merchandise. Good luck!

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