October 16, 2008

Sometimes shopping can be about more than just spending. Take our Think Pink Portero Specials this week–a percentage of proceeds goes directly to the Cancer Vixen Fund, started by breast cancer survivor Marisa Acocella Marchetto. Her story is inspirational: When she found out she was sick, depression took over. But empowering herself through fashion changed her spirits and gave her the strength to fight.

To explain a little further, Marisa created the cartoon above especially for Portero. I also talked to Marisa this week to find out a little bit more about what got her through the toughest days.

Portero: How did fashion change your emotional health?
Marisa: My mom was a shoe designer, so I always thought that well-designed accessories are great pieces of beauty. I also knew that you could feel really powerful just by wearing a heel. I was going through a lot of treatment, and I needed a way to bring my spirits up, and shoes did that. Whenever I had an IV in my hand, I always wore a fabulous pair of shoes. I went from victim to vixen. Fashion to me is very powerful, it can make you feel great about yourself, and the stronger your emotional health, the healthier you are.

Portero: Why did you start the Cancer Vixen Fund and what does it do?
Marisa: When I was diagnosed, I, like many people, didn’t have health insurance. Bad suddenly went to devastating. I realized that if you’re diagnosed with cancer, you have a 50 percent better chance of surviving if you have insurance, and there’s a 98 percent chance of survival if you find breast cancer early. I wanted to promote early detection among women and help those who don’t have health insurance, and the Cancer Vixen Fund directly promotes that.

Portero: What are some actual events Cancer Vixen supports?
Marisa: For example, we’re doing free mammograms for uninsured women this month at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan (see poster below).

To learn more about Cancer Vixen, log on to To
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