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February 18, 2009

This week we are featuring the imaginative art works of Spanish Catalan surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. Known for being eccentric & unusual behavior, Dali has been an inspiration to art collectors and artists alike.

Dali’s talents extended far beyond painting & sketching. He also had a passion for fashion & luxury. During his career, Dali designed sets for theaters, interiors of fashion boutiques and even designed jewelry. His bold styles and over the top antics were summed up in his own words: “My love of everything that is gilded and excessive, my passion for luxury and my love of oriental clothes”.

One of his most enigmatic pieces is “the persistence of memory” which he did in 1931. In this particular work, perhaps more than in others, Dali’s use of symbolism suggests Einstein’s theory that time is relative and not fixed. It is now owned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

You can still enjoy a piece of Dali in your own home today. Portero has an amazing selection of Dali’s etchings, paintings, lithographs & more.

See the collection Here:

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