Interview: Ivanka Trump

March 9, 2009

I recently spoke to businesswoman/jewelry maven Ivanka Trump for a magazine article, and she had some interesting things to say about the category of contemporary jewelry and what women are looking for when they shop. If you didn’t know that Ivanka had a jewelry line, check it out right here. It’s definitely high-end (she partnered with a diamond company) and pricey, but it also manages to make a statement about fashion and style.

The newest pieces in the line focus on large pieces of rock crystal mixed with traditional diamonds. There’s a sort of vintage/retro thing going on with the jewels, but the scale and simple silhouettes also feel very modern. If you want to try on the pieces in person, you can head to her Madison Avenue boutique. Here’s just a bit of the interview that will run in TJF magazine next month:

Q: How has your career in real estate helped you with this jewelry line?
A: We’re builders, so I’m used to wanting to achieve a certain look for the best price. Rock crystal doesn’t pretend to be diamond, but it gives us a certain look. We never compromise on materials, but we can also spend a bit less to create a line that is all-encompassing.

Q: Why did you decide to use a mainly black and white palette for the line?
A: Black and white is chic, elegant and wearable. It can transcend the season and remain timeless.

Q: Why will women enjoy visiting your boutique?
A: We tried to create an environment that was really meant for the female buyer. It’s a boudoir. People have responded very well to that–the time for stoic jewelry stores has passed. We serve chocolates and champagne and have fun.

Q: What style are women today particularly looking for?
A: Statement pieces that are timeless. Women want something very luxurious but be able to spend a bit less.

Rock Crystal Bib Necklace with diamonds

Rock Crystal Bracelet with diamond Pagoda clasp

Pave diamond and rock crystal door knock earrings

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