Going to the Chapel?

March 18, 2009

If you or someone you know is thinking about popping the question, there’s no doubt that they should give Portero a look before buying any bling. Love and marriage continues even in a bad economy, so it makes perfect sense to get the best deal you can on a piece of jewelry that will be worn every day.

If you’ve never shopped for substantial diamonds before, you may need a place to start. You can always pick up a copy of my book, A Girl’s Guide to Buying Diamonds (shameless plug!), if you need to brush up on the basics. It covers everything from the 4Cs (color, cut, clarity, carat weight) to choosing the style that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for an online tutorial, you can check out Platinum Guild’s Buying Guide, and there’s also quite a bit of information on the A Diamond Is Forever website, including information on insurance and diamond facts.

Be aware that an engagement ring doesn’t need to be all white! The trend of using colored gemstones or colored diamonds is not just a passing fad; going with a stone you or your fiance loves will make the ring just that much more special. Even if you’re not planning a wedding anytime soon, you probably know someone who is contemplating a proposal. Passing along our 50% savings (and more) will be a lifesaver for any future groom.

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