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March 24, 2009

I was recently putting together a trend report for one of my freelance clients, and I decided to interview all of the major jewelry industry organizations to get a feel for the marketplace. When I got to the Diamond Information Center (DIC), they definitely had some thoughts on how women were shopping and what pieces will be big for 2009.

Sally Morrison, the Executive Director of the DIC, had this to say:

“Women want quality items that they can wear all the time and will last forever. Never has it been more apparent that diamond jewelry is a smart buy. And diamond jewelry is meaningful – it is hard to say that about a new purse or pair of shoes. What we are seeing is that people are buying fewer but better things, so rather than buying lots of pieces, they are choosing to buy one great piece and are being more discerning about it. So, instead of buying a lots of things of a lesser quality, they are choosing to buy fewer things but of a better quality. There is also a return to the classics, to simple clean pieces such as diamond studs and diamond drop earrings, which we saw a lot of during the award season.”

This is definitely smart thinking. Investment pieces are those that won’t lose their value and aren’t dictated by trends. If I had my pick on Portero, I would go with jewels like these Custom Platinum 2.74 ctw Diamond Stud Earrings or this Tiffany & Co Platinum Diamond Hexagonal Band Ring sz 6.25.

Want a perfect example? Look at Penelope Cruz, above, in diamonds at the 2009 Oscars. She chose simple studs and a gorgeous diamond riviere necklace by Chopard. (Yes, of course these diamonds were worth millions, but the look was decidedly unfussy and certainly not risky.)

The point is that you don’t want to spend your extra cash on jewels that won’t last a lifetime. The smartest choices this season are classic, enduring pieces that will definitely be future heirlooms.

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