What I’m Loving: Enamel jewelry from B-Side

April 7, 2009

I went up to Bergdorf Goodman late last week to visit my friend Dana Chin (pictured above), one half of the jewelry duo that creates B-Side by Ken & Dana and BYLU. Along with his creative partner Ken Leung, he is making some of the most fun and funky jewelry out there.

I was particularly excited to see the B-Side pieces because it’s the company’s brand new lower-priced fashion line–perfect for this economy. Instead of using high-end precious metals and gemstones, this collection really relies on materials like silver, brass and enamel. According to Dana, the line was inspired by two specific 1980s hallmarks: graffiti and the hip-hop cultural movement.

I think that both graffiti and will enamel go mainstream in accessories this year. Although enameling is a very old art form, it’s often relegated to fine jewelry created with painstaking detail. The enamel process undertaken by B-Side is much more free-form and youthful and really captures a mix of urban living and modern art.

For some great enamel options on Portero (there are tons!), click right here. And definitely check out the brand new pieces from B-Side below!

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