Behind the Bag: Custom JPG Birkin

April 15, 2009

(From the Journal of The Bag Lady)

I am standing on line clutching my golden ticket, only instead of caramels and lollipops I’m waiting to enter the Hermes pre-sample sale for editors and special customers lucky enough to score the coveted invite. It’s a hot, sticky day and the line is snaking around the corner onto 6th Avenue and is filled with beautiful women and a few well-heeled gentlemen wearing all their finery. It seems–maybe subconsciously–these shoppers feel the need to wear all of their Hermes accessories at once to show how in-the-know they already are.

I, on the other hand, felt short, sweaty and inappropriately dressed in my jeans, polo shirt and carrying my Gucci tote from three seasons ago. Suddenly, my eye caught sight of the most stunning, tall young girl who I assumed was a model. She was on line with her equally stunning man, who I’m sure was there simply to carry her spoils to the register once she found and grabbed all the greatest scarves, totes and other major finds at the sale. But the most compelling detail of her outfit had me mesmerized: her handbag.

This girl was standing there carrying a JPG Hermes shoulder Birkin in blue toile with black leather trim. It was so casual and chic at the same time, and at that moment, I knew exactly what I wanted. Maybe I’d never be 5’9″ and have long, blonde, silky hair, but I could try to find that bag and feel just as beautiful as she looked on that summer day.

When I returned home from the sale that afternoon, I started to do my research and found that I had impeccable taste. The bag of my dreams was very special: Only a handful were made and were no longer available. John Paul Gaultier had only produced that bag for Hermes for two years and only now were they becoming available again. I have been dreaming about that bag ever since, and now Portero has snagged one–and in pristine condition no less!

Bid now on this Hermes Brand New Rare Custom Made Blue Sapphire Potamus Toile & Black Box Calf Leather JPG Birkin Bag.

The Bag Lady

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