Holy Gold?

May 18, 2009

The follow-up to the enormously popular The Da Vinci Code is now out in theaters, and I just found out that many of the iconic religious jewels on screen were created just for the movie by Italian jeweler Damiani. Angels & Demons, starring Tom Hanks, features a collection by the same name made up of crosses, necklaces and rosary beads worn by various characters (see above for a still from the movie).

These days, I think many people wear crosses simply as a fashion statement rather than a religious one. And from that perspective, I really love this unique collection by Damiami: It is streamlined and modern and uses rose and yellow gold paired with onyx and enamel. Really chic, right? (Click on the necklaces above for a closer look.)

But, crosses are definitely not just for fashion. They obviously make great gifts for events like a Communion or a marriage. Portero has a lovely selection in everything from simple gold to encrusted with diamonds and gemstones. I like that there’s a little something for the traditional and those who like a little more flair.

What do you think: Are crosses cool to wear for fashion? Or should they just be a sign of spiritual devotion?

Images courtesy Damiani

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