20th Century Icon Timepiece Auction

May 19, 2009

If you want to check out a cool timepiece auction, look no further than Antiquorum‘s “Important Collectors’ Wristwatches…” sale hitting NYC on June 11. In addition to watches worn by FDR, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen, there’s a 1987 Cartier Pasha on the block given as a gift from Sinatra to Sammy Davis, Jr. (above).

Even better, the 18-karat gold piece is inscribed with “Sammy, I Luv Ya, F.A.S.” What an amazing collectible! (And with an estimate of $10,000-$20,000, not a bad deal for a true fan.)

If you didn’t know the history of the Pasha, here’s the background:This particular style was created in the 1930s specially for the Pasha of Marrakech who needed a timepiece he could wear while he swam. This makes it one of the earlier water-resistant watches on the market.

Click right here to see Portero’s selection of Pashas. There are so many different models, from automatic to quartz, and from stainless steel to yellow gold.

To take a closer look at the upcoming Antiquorum auction, click right here.

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