Vegas Part 2: Sevan

June 2, 2009

I’m back with another update from the aisles of Vegas. And just wait until you see what we have in store today…

First, one of the most innovative and talented jewelers working today: Sevan. I’ve spoken about him before on this blog, so definitely click on the link to re-read the backstory on this Turkish artist before taking a look at his newest jewels.

Now, behold the absolute GORGEOUSNESS that are some of the newest pieces. Sevan’s work is mainly based on the architecture, nature and mythical history of his homeland, so each of these rings have a meaning. (I took these on my own finger, so you’ll get a good idea of scale as well. Click to enlarge and really see the details.)

These rings are all completely one-of-a-kind, can take up to a year to make, and are set with diamonds, precious gems and the occasional stunning baroque pearl (above). The rings you see with pictures inside are completely hand-carved from underneath in a process that that continues to astound me. Believe me, if you ever get to try one on you’ll immediately want to become a collector.

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