Jewelia at the Jewelry Information Center

June 24, 2009

Last week was the Jewelry Information Center’s (JIC) annual luncheon, and in addition to seeing some beautiful jewelry, a group of fabulous women were also on the afternoon’s agenda. You might remember my post about a book called The Necklace–well, six of the women featured in the book were on hand to speak about their experiences. (Including Dr. Roz Warner, above, whose month it was to wear the necklace!)

It was really fantastic to hear firsthand how 13 women sharing one diamond necklace (that they named Jewelia) became the starting point for a slew of personal changes and philanthropic endeavors. Besides all of the money they’ve raised and donated to various charities, it was truly moving to hear how the experience affected their marriages, careers and friendships.

If you haven’t read the book yet, be sure to pick it up right here.
Here’s Patti Channer, the host of the first meeting about the necklace:

And here’s a picture of Jonell McLain, the woman who first found the necklace at Van Gundy Jewelers:

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