Giverny at H Stern

June 29, 2009

Today I thought I’d bring you some gorgeous Monday Eye Candy in the form of H. Stern‘s new Giverny collection.

The designs take their inspiration from the city where painter Claude Monet lived and worked on his famous private gardens until his death in 1926. His gardening style was far from organized–in fact, Monet loved a lush mix of plants, flowers and trees that ran wild like English gardens. He also admired the Japanese style and included bamboo and weeping willows as part of his design.

The pieces here (rings, earrings and pendants) in gold and gemstones really have the look and feel of the delicate lily pads that Monet loved to paint.

Want to see more H. Stern? Portero carries a beautiful selection of jewelry from the Brazilian jeweler.

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