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Louis Vuitton Journeys

June 8, 2009

I am a really big fan of Louis Vuitton‘s new ad campaign–aptly called Journeys–that shows some very familiar faces in far-flung locales with their well-worn LV travel accessories. Above we have the newest of the bunch that features astronauts Sally Ride, Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell star-gazing.

The previous ads, also shot by Annie Leibovitz, feature Sean Connery and the Coppolas (Directors Francis Ford and his daughter Sophia) and are true lifestyle shots. If you want to see a little behind-the-scenes peek at the latest shoot, just click the video below. (Another exciting tidbit: All three astronauts donated a large portion of their fees to Al Gore’s Climate Project.)

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Images via Louis Vuitton

Vegas part 3

June 5, 2009

This year in Vegas felt kind of like a trip to Tucson (where the gem dealers all converge once a year to buy and sell stones) because of the use of unusual minerals and materials designers were using. Take, for example, Italian designer Frederica Rettore, who studied art and sculpture before designing jewelry. I loved her Madagascar cow horn flower bracelet (above) as well as her Boulder opal pendant in steel and gold with diamonds (below).

Last year I absolutely fell in love with the designs of another Italian, Lucifer Vir Honestus. Her carved mammoth ivory dragon cuff was totally spectacular:

I am also smitten with the fanciful work of San Diego-based Katey Brunini. How can you not love these wild boar and nubian ibex pendants made from moose antler? They are wearing diamond and pearl necklaces and have 18-karat gold horns. Adorable!

Lastly (for today), I had to show you just how simple and spectacular some stones can be. This necklace by Anna Ruth Henriques was just chunks of natural pyrite strung together and made special with her tiny spider signature in 18-karat gold. (It’s sitting on my notepad–this is how I remember all of the beautiful bits and baubles I see!)

Must-Have Handbags

June 3, 2009

Today we’re highlighting our brand new selection of Portero Specials: these are Haute Totes that have no lack of covet factor. You might know all about some of the big names on the list (can you say Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent?) but we also have some edgier names that definitely deserve attention.

Jane August (her Mustard Yellow Patent Leather Mock-Crocodile Lindemere Drive Bag is above) is brand new to Portero but her bags are no stranger to celebrities and press alike. Worn by Jennifer Lopez and featured by The New York Times, August’s gorgeous handbags are handmade and use only the finest Italian leathers and skins.

New York-based Devi Kroell has been making handbags since 2004, and her popularity is only growing. Much of her design aesthetic is based on her multinational upbringing: during her childhood, she spent time in places like Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Israel, France and Italy. Her Python Hobo is her signature, and we have one available.

What started as a limited edition set of brocade handbags has turned into the full line of Kotur. Now that the designer Fiona Kotur Martin has expanded into daytime handbags and totes (as well as footwear), there are a lot more ways to enjoy this up-and-coming brand.

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Vegas Part 2: Sevan

June 2, 2009

I’m back with another update from the aisles of Vegas. And just wait until you see what we have in store today…

First, one of the most innovative and talented jewelers working today: Sevan. I’ve spoken about him before on this blog, so definitely click on the link to re-read the backstory on this Turkish artist before taking a look at his newest jewels.

Now, behold the absolute GORGEOUSNESS that are some of the newest pieces. Sevan’s work is mainly based on the architecture, nature and mythical history of his homeland, so each of these rings have a meaning. (I took these on my own finger, so you’ll get a good idea of scale as well. Click to enlarge and really see the details.)

These rings are all completely one-of-a-kind, can take up to a year to make, and are set with diamonds, precious gems and the occasional stunning baroque pearl (above). The rings you see with pictures inside are completely hand-carved from underneath in a process that that continues to astound me. Believe me, if you ever get to try one on you’ll immediately want to become a collector.