Prolific Prada

July 24, 2009

I was intrigued by an article in today’s New York Times (“Prada’s Brainchild Takes a New Twirl“) about some of the new projects Miucca Prada (the designer of Prada) is working on. Besides her obvious penchant for fashion, Prada has also had a long love affair with art and architecture, and her prolific relationship with Rem Koolhaas has produced two flagship stores (New York and Los Angeles) as well as sets for the brand’s fabulous Milan runway shows.

Now, Prada and Koolhaas are collaborating on two art/performance/ exhibition spaces, one in Seoul (the Transformer, pictured above) and one in Milan. Prada has always been candid about her appreciation for fine arts in any form, and these new multi-use, shape-shifting structures will be able to present fashion shows, exhibits and even run movies.

Definitely check out this great slideshow of the Transformer project in Korea, and then be sure to shop our collection of Prada. We stock everything from shoes to bags to watches!

Image via The New York Times/Prada

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