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Gem Love

October 30, 2009


Earlier this week I had a coveted invite to view all of the entries for the AGTA Spectrum Awards, and believe me, I wouldn’t have missed it. This design competition is for the best in colored gemstones, and there were some real stunners that made me remember just how much I love gems.

One of my favorites was the intense ring above by designer Paul Kleka. Made from 18K green gold and featuring eighteen radiant-cut Zultanites (91.85 ctw.), the three-finger ring may have been dangerous, but I loved the matte finish on the gold and the repeating pattern.

Another favorite is Victor Velyan‘s 24K yellow gold and silver cuff featuring a 20.54 ct oval star Ruby cabochon and natural colored diamonds. These two pieces just go to show you that colored gems don’t necessarily need to be all about the sparkle factor–pattern and texture are also key in finding a good piece of jewelry.


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