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First Finds: Zagliani

January 6, 2011

If you haven’t heard of Zagliani before, we’re really excited to introduce you to this unusual, but beautiful, handbag line. Created by an entrepreneurial dermatologist who figured there must be other ways to use his workplace techniques, the collection fuses exotic skins and silicone to create a whole new genre of luxury.

Intrigued yet? Here’s the story: Mauro Orietti-Carella had the novel idea to apply the same concept of Botox on people to the animal skin of bags. Once injected with his certain mix of silicone and resins, the skins are buttery-soft, luxurious, and wear even better than a traditional skin.

Although the Italian brand has been around since 1947, Orietti-Carella got on board in 2006, relaunching the company with a modern face. Regardless of the ‘Botox for Bags’ idea, Zagliani makes gorgeous, timeless bags handcrafted at its factory in Milan.

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Color Theory

November 6, 2009


I loved how the Fall runways showed so much texture, but I particularly loved how color was embraced. This NY magazine slideshow will show you exactly what I mean. These are jewel tones that make a statement and will really stand out even in the dead of winter.

I personally love to do bold color with a beautiful handbag. Here are just a few of my favorite investment pieces that can make any basic outfit seem like it’s worth a million bucks:

Hermès Very Rare Rouge Vif Ostrich 32cm Kelly Rigide Bag

Chanel Blue Stitched Lambskin Leather Shoulder Single Flap Bag

Gianfranco Ferre Large Mustard Yellow Suede Horn Rope Handbag

Lamberston Truex Bright Pink Ostrich Classic Tote Bag

Don’t get Tricked! Buy Authentic.

October 28, 2009


Everyone’s purse strings are a little bit tighter these days, but it doesn’t mean that buying replica designer luxury goods is the smartest choice. Here’s‘s top three reasons to buy authentic every time:

Investments will last. Purchasing a replica handbag or watch may seem like an economical way to be fashionable, but your savings may be short-lived. The inexpensive materials and construction of many of these pieces means that they will not stand the test of time. Instead, invest in the real deal and you’ll have a little bit of luxury that will last.

Higher price means higher quality. It’s the little details that make authentic designer handbags and watches so coveted: Supple leather, sturdy hardware, Swiss movements and expert stitching among them. You just can’t replicate the craftsmanship of authentic goods, and replicas usually don’t make the grade. Want one telltale sign of a fake designer handbag? The piping and stitching on real bags is flawless–it’s usually messy and imprecise on replicas.

The ethical question. While buying a replica designer handbag isn’t a crime, selling them is. The first Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting took place in 2004, and since then, the group has found that trade in fake goods supports sweatshops, child labor, terrorism and organized crime.

Book Club: No Mere Bagatelles

October 21, 2009


I was excited to read in today’s WWD that there’s a soon-to-be-released biography of handbag maven Judith Leiber. You probably know all about her gorgeous, bejeweled and exotic skin handbags, but you might not know that the 88-year-old designer is also a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to the U.S. in 1947.

In “No More Bagatelles: Telling the Story of Handbag Genius Judith Leiber & Modernist Artist Gerson Leiber”, Jeffrey Sussman explores Leiber’s early life and the start of her company, as well as the relationship with her husband, Garson. It’s perfect timing for the self-published book–the designer is being honored with a retrospective this week at NYC’s Bergdorf Goodman (and later at Neiman Marcus in Dallas and Houston) featuring an exhibit of some of her most iconic bags.

Catch Leiber in person at the Bergdorf flagship this Friday, October 23, or shop our collection of her spectacular handbags and accessories now!