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Ante up!

November 4, 2009


We were lucky enough to put together a fantastic collection of antique poker/casino chip jewelry, and I thought you might want the inside scoop on the pieces. Here’s the background information, straight from designer Rachelle Epstein:


The mother-of-pearl chips are casino chips used around 1900 (before plastics) in European and South American Casinos. Some are from Vichy, France or from a casino/spa in Belgium that supposedly F. Scott Fitzgerald went to called L’ Etrangier (the Foreigner). All are extremely rare.

The others are American poker chips and are a clay composite also from the 1900’s from different (illegal & legal) clubs used for different versions of poker games. After plastics were invented, these went by the by, and many are very rare like the cupid on a bike or the “kissing” owls. They are not fragile but should not be washed with soap and water.


Hopefully we piqued your curiosity! Check out our fantastic collection of these casino chip pieces right here.